Top 5 Misconceptions About Washing Your Face

Top 5 Misconceptions About Washing Your Face
Here are the top 5 comments or questions I hear as a skincare company owner (JUARA Skincare) and what the scoop is on them.
1.My skin is so oily, i don’t need a moisturizer after I wash it.
FALSE: Let’s be clear, we need both water AND oil on our skin for a healthy balance. Use a light moisturizer or an oil-free one, or if you’re really oily – a hydrating serum.
2.I use a scrub everyday.
DON’T: Your skin takes about 28 days to turn over.I suggest 2-3 times a week, giving your skin a break – but still getting the benefits of clear pores and oft skin from scrubbing properly.
3.Why shouldn’t I use regular bar soap to wash my face?
Bar soap may have stronger surfactants to clean and there is a huge emphasis on fragrance.  Both may irritate your skin, but most importantly – bar soap can be harsher and overstrip/overdry your skin – which is a bit like giving your skin a beating. If you’re in a pinch and must, then just don’t lather for too long, and rinse off. Definitely follow with a moisturizer.
4.I only wash my face with water.
The body has an interesting way of balancing itself, so in a way, this isn’t the most terrible thing to do – and has benefits in that you’re au naturale – with fewer chemicals to mess with your skin. Honestly, if this works for you, and you’re not a heavy makeup user, go for it. But what you’re missing out on are some benefits gentle products can do – like exfoliate and hydrate to keep your skin extra smooth.
5. How many times should I wash my face per day?
Before you go to bed – definitely. In the morning when you get up is a good one too – though since technically you just slept, rinsing with water may be sufficient – and preserve your skin’s natural balance. If you are exercising or in heavily polluted areas in the day – you can wash it again in the middle – but try not to wash too often. The risk is overstripping your natural oils – and throwing your skin off balance.
Being too oily or dry can come with its own issues.

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