Kunir Asem Recipe to Lose Your Weight

One of popular jamu recipes to lose weight is Kunir Asem. Not only to help you lose weight, but turmeric is also believed to be an effective home remedy for depression. It’s good to maintain your digestion, especially for women for inner balancing. Combination between turmeric and tamarind can increase body metabolism, accelerate blood circulation, dump fat and helps distribute fresh oxygen in bloods. In the end, these two spices can help you lose weight. We’ll share this simple recipe for you!

Ingredients: (Serves 2)
– 1tbsp chopped, fresh turmeric
– 1tsp crushed tamarind fruit paste
– 2 cup water
– 1 slice lime
– 1 pinch salt
– Coconut sugar, Agave or Honey to taste

Blend the turmeric, tamarind & water. You can experiment with the amount of water, depending on how strong you want it. Stir until fully mixed, bring to a gentle boil for 10 min. Strain out pulp & add the sweetener to taste. Add lime & salt to add a little savory to cut the tangy, sweet & grassy flavor. Serve warm or chilled.

*Fruity hack : if you want to make it easier for the family’s palate, try mixing in equal parts of orange, pineapple and/or apple juice to taste. Pineapple alse helps the turmeric benefits be better absorbed in the body! Sip your way to a stronger immune system & a better mood.

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