The spirit of PT. JUARA Beauty is founded in the belief that we can be the champions of our own destiny by being true to who we are and doing what we love. We believe you can always empower yourself to create a life of joy by elevating your daily routines into truly enjoyable self-care moments. PT. Juara Beauty provides a tried-and-true approach to health, wellness, and confidence that radiates from inside out with products that enhance your life.

JUARA Skincare was born in a tiny kitchen on the Lower East Side of New York City, when four 30-something friends, Metta, Yoshiko, Jill and Tami, realized their hectic life hustle was becoming overwhelming. Together, they sought out self-care rituals to restore their spirits. So Metta introduced the Indonesian tradition of Jamu to the USA. In 2017, after JUARA reached national distribution in the US, Metta brought her award-winning brand, JUARA, "home" to Indonesia and created PT. JUARA Beauty.


JUARA gives you a quick, yet nurturing self-care experience with every use, and our thoughtfully-curated regimens elevating your daily skincare routine to nourishing rituals. Experience the holistic rejuvenation of your entire body within the comfort of your own home - restore the calm to your mood as you add glow to your skin. JUARA products are packed with nutrients and rich ingredients sourced from the birthplace of spa tradition.

Each of our speciality lines consists of traditionally-used Jamu ingredients like anti-inflammatory turmeric, candlenut, ginger, rice bran oil, and other highly-active botanicals.


JUARA Essential Oils

Elevate your mind and stay balanced and relaxed with fair-trade, certified organic, essential oils. From our pure essential oils to our pure signature blends, relax and feel at ease that we're taking care of you.


Votivo Candles

Fragrances make moments memorable. Votivo takes you to a place deep in your memory to help you relax, feel calm, or even energized. Based on how your brain process scent, certain scent can regulate our mood, putting your mind in a more productive mode or gives you soothing effect. Enjoy the different variety of our candles to spice up your home!