Frequently Asked Questions

JUARA does not test on animals…we love them too much to test on them. We’re certified with PETA and in the process with Leaping Bunny. We believe in using ingredients that are recognized as safe, and then we test on humans (after dermatologist testing!)

JUARA works hard to keep phthalates out of our products. Another tip if you’re worried about phthalates, food is the main source of phthalates, especially fatty foods such as butter, milk, and meat. And get rid of those PVC shower curtains!

Our products are gluten free, but we cannot certify that everything is processed in facilities completely free of gluten. Side note, someone please make tasty gluten free bread that doesn’t fall apart!

JUARA believes in nature meeting science, and having respect for the environment. We’re vegetarian, with a belief that natural is great, and science sometimes makes things better. That being said, we respect the world we live in, so we try to stay as wholesome, clean, and close to the earth as possible, without giving up on innovation and the elegance of our products.

JUARA spends time looking for the right active ingredients and making sure they work, and there’s enough to work. Our botanical ingredients are inspired by the beauty secrets of Bali – originating in natural healing, and confirmed by science. Our plant-based actives are proven to keep skin hydrated and healthy, so that skin can keep itself healthy and youthful. It’s the concept of, “you don’t feed a woman vegetables, you teach her how to plant a garden and grow her own vegetables!”

JUARA believes that healthy, hydrated skin can take better care of itself. So we keep drying sulfates out of all of our cleansing products – face and body! If you think it’s important enough for your face to stay soft and supple, it’s definitely important enough for the rest of your body. Let’s keep our largest organ strong and hydrated!

Due to the fact that our products contain natural, botanical actives, we recommend using them within 6-9 months of purchase. Our actual shelf life of a JUARA product though is approximately 3 years. Some are more and others slightly under, but the dates are all on the packaging. Storing JUARA products in a cool environment also helps maintain shelf life, though we recommend, as with natural things, that you use it as soon as you get it!

JUARA products are all made in the USA in facilities that specialize in manufacturing natural, premium cosmetics. Our ingredient research is done in Indonesia, as well as in the US. However the inspiration and traditional uses of the key, powerful botanicals used in our JUARA products all come from the grand country of Indonesia, home of Bali, capital city Jakarta, and thousands of other tropical islands.

All our products are 100% Vegetarian, free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, artificial colorants, and is also certified by We are also PETA certified as cruelty free, which means not only do we not test on animals, but we ensure that none of our ingredient nor packaging suppliers do too.

About The Brand & Founders

Our line is based on the Indonesian JAMU tradition – which is an ancient herbal medicinal tradition we have had for hundreds of years where we use specific natural ingredients to treat specific skin and health issues. And then when we choose our ingredients, we test them to make sure that western science also shows its effectiveness – so we combine the best of the east and best of the west. We don’t base our natural ingredients only on fragrance or trend, but on an authentic herbal history that has been in my heritage for centuries – and then use western science to prove it works. Because Indonesia is also such a great spa destination, we want to make products that are not only effective, but feel great – so if you can’t come to Bali or the spa, we bring it to you! For more information, visit Our Philosophy page.

About Ordering

Yes! JUARA fans tell us constantly how much they love our products, and we thank you! Thank you more for sharing. Your friend is now can experience the love of JUARA.

Our website only ships internationally, however please are informed that there is a delivery cost and custom cost that you have to pay. Use EMS as suggested delivery service for lower shipping cost. Custom fee will follow the policy of destination country.

About Anything Else

Yes, nutrition is the most important part to keeping your skin and yourself healthy. If you took a look at our fridge, you’d find fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, you can find blueberries, strawberries, avocado, spinach, kale, tomatoes, and oranges in my garden. Besides stocking up on antioxidants and vitamins in your fruits and veggies, add in walnuts, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds which are great for glowing skin that regenerates youthfully, and keeping the acne bugs at bay.

Product Advice Faq

We have several products good for fine lines and dry skin. For maintenance, our Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner (more like a light serum you can use any time of day, over/under makeup) contains hyaluronic acid, a natural ingredient we produce but lose over time which helps bind water to skin, as well as Tamarind Seed extract which also fights dehydration at all times. Follow or use a serum instead after – our Clove flower and Turmeric Serum specifically formulated to firm and brighten skin, and reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll feel a firming effect immediately. And then I love our moisturizer, the Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer which contains Kombucha, a patented fermented sweet black tea which has been proven to firm skin and reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles

We recommend these 3 products: Our Rose & Willowbark Blemish-Free Mask 3 times a week and also as a spot-treatment. Our Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner (oil-free) and our Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Mattefying Moisturizer. The Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner is AMAZING for acne. We have heard so much feedback from people that said how it has helped their acne, even though the name of the product does not suggest it, and excellent oil-free and alcohol-free hydration for any skin type, actually. Plus, no cotton ball needed!

JUARA is Vegetarian and Free From

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We ensures that product delivery is performed smoothly and product return can be completed hassle-free.